Things I Can’t Do Anymore On Mountain Lion

I’m pretty annoyed at OS X lately, so here are some

Things I Can’t Do Anymore On OS X Mountain Lion (That Were Possible On Lion)

Can’t use as many screens as I’d like

The black surface you see there is one of my screens. Mountain Lion is reasonably certain the display exists, it just won’t actually show anything on it anymore. It’s just black, except for the mouse pointer. That still gets displayed, but no desktop, no windows. Even more annoying, you can have windows on that screen but they won’t be shown. So I you’re wondering where that Finder window is you just opened, it’s probably under the black shroud.

Mountain Lion doesn’t remember screen arrangements

Every second reboot or so, ML forgets the placement of its displays. It will then either assume they’re all in a single line in some arbitrary order, or it will methodically switch all the screens left to the center with those right of the center. I expect this shit from Linux, but apparently only Microsoft can do multi screens correctly now.

Can’t have a quiet evening

I’ve been wondering why my Mac got so loud after upgrading to ML. iStat Pro shows why: the HD/Expansion slot fans are running high. I suspect this is due to the increased workload of the graphics cards (who aren’t doing anything dramatic besides displaying static content right now), but then again it might just be a random SMC bug. I don’t think they’ll ever fix this though, because it happens on the Mac Pro.

Can’t connect to remotely mounted DMGs

I got most of my data on an encrypted virtual disk. Prior to ML, I could connect to it from other Macs just as if it were a normal drive. If it was in /Volumes you could connect to it remotely. Now with ML you can only connect to physical remote drives. For no fucking reason at all.

Can’t start applications quickly

What you see there is the area of the screen where I’m waiting for Text Edit to load. On an 8-core Mac Pro with 16GB RAM and a fast SSD system drive. Yes, Text Edit. To be fair, non-Apple apps generally load faster, but this is a telling symptom I think. My guess: it has to do with the revolting iCloud “integration” all Apple apps have now.

If you own (reasonably recent) Apple Macs, upgrading to OS X 10.9 Mountain Lion does not feel like an optional step. If you’re like me, you’re always excited about new features and running the latest version of everything just gives you a warm fuzzy feeling all over. A heard a lot of people actually see OS X as a necessary evil of owning a Mac (which is completely false, as you can run Windows or Linux on them just fine), but to me the OS is the main reason why I’m a Mac user. But looking at Mountain Lion, it seems increasingly unlikely that I’ll remain a Mac user for the next decade or so.

Starting with Snow Leopard, OS X is apparently on a mission to disempower the user. Obvious bugs don’t get fixed, like the mysterious inability of Spotlight to find relevant files  -sometimes it can’t even find Applications that sit right there in the /Applications/ folder. The full screen feature remains stubbornly useless on systems with multiple displays. If an app didn’t come from the App Store, Mountain Lion won’t let you run it. Actually it grudgingly lets you run non-Apple apps if you turn on some obscure setting in the System Preferences app, but who except me does this?

Then there are these things I can’t do on Mountain Lion that were possible before. I’m sure other users would have other things to add to that list.

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  1. OS X is still a necessary evil, at least in my case. I have a 2009 Mac Pro and I need OS X to control my fan speeds. to work with Apple ProRes. To make things worst I still have to stick to Lion or ML because I’m using a PC video card. I would gladly rip OS X off from my machine, but that’s still impossible… Sadly.

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