Back Again

Hi everyone, I finally found some time to put the blog back up. After the recent experiences with WordPress I decided to write my own blogging engine. Don’t get me wrong, WP is great and the hacks are probably my fault for not performing upgrades recently, but I wanted to have more control this time – even though that means less features. My code may have vulnerabilities of its own, but at least I’ll know where they are and how to fix them! So let me know if you discover anything odd. Also, I’m thinking of posting an how-to about this little project, what do you think?

Things are going to be different
From now on, I’ll be using domain as the main URL. In all these years, I haven’t used the domain for anything else, so it only makes sense to shorten the path. I’ll keep the old address working indefinitely, though (I’m a firm believer in the permanence of URLs) and I’ll work on some redirects that should make the old links to the site work.

It’s back to the roots!
I’m going to write again about RPGs, techy geek stuff, software and maybe some science stuff in the middle of it. I know, it’s a weird mix, but those are my interests and I’ve decided against a separate blog for each of these things. If at all possible, I’ll try to stop myself from posting worthless comments about the latest Web 2.0 fad as well as mopey crap about my personal life (which sucks badly, if you must know). Among the many, many things I didn’t elaborate on any further is the Dynamic World scenario and I hope I’ll find some time and inspiration to go more into that one, along with some actual code maybe.

Maybe personal sites are vanishing, but I’m not ready to offload everything to Twitter and Facebook and call it a day, just yet.